Joining the World - Locally

We need Local Experts to promote where they live.

Be part of the Recovery in your Destination!

During these unprecedented times, we have decided to fast track the implementation of some new functionality on our pioneering & sophisticated App Platform, Hangout on Holiday, to connect as many People to as many Places as possible.

We are now seeking talented ‘LOCAL’ people, in destination, whether ex reps, influencers or quite frankly anyone who is on lockdown, is bored, knows their destination well and who would be happy to respond to Live Chat requests for your Resort via the App. You would chat with and keep travellers updated with what's happening in your location, engage with local businesses and share regular and positive updates.

Bluntly speaking, there’s too much fake, irrelevant or unreliable news out there, so our aim is to source as many individuals, in as many Resorts and Towns as we can around the world, to offer a local, authentic and up to date view of what is happening, where they live.

Once people start travelling again (and we hope that is very soon), they will want to know what’s going on and what’s open - from a 'LOCAL'.


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Download the App "Hangout on Holiday" from the App stores.

(If you do not download the App we cannot link you with your resort.)

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We plug you into your Resort

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Start Broadcasting or Chatting

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